300.00 NIS

By Danielle Cantor

Published by Hell No Publication & Distribution 

Edited by Hayley Taylor

SPREADS takes a collection of people, places and perspectives and lays it out on a table. A compassionate and curious interrogation of culture and the self, using food to focus the lens. 

As much about the spreads we savor with forks, fingers and chopsticks, as it is about the spread of that which biologically and irrevocably altered the human experience during the course of a pandemic. 

Spreads is a project that blossomed organically over years— a kneading together of thoughts, experiences, and observations to form short stories and photo essays that are sometimes hard to swallow, but always indulgent, generous and hearty. They aim to prize open the gaps between opposing ideologies to explore the nuances of culture that commonly slip between the cracks, raising more questions than answers.

This nostalgic love letter to flavor and life poetically unpacks the politics they are steeped in, and serves it up for her guests. 

Danielle Cantor is 30 years old, based in Tel Aviv. 
She distributes her acquired knowledge via written texts and photographs from her dingy point-and-shoot camera.

Danielle is the co-founder of ‘Culture of Solidarity׳, a grass roots mutual aid initiative, sprouted during the first days of the pandemic.

The community supports vulnerable communities with food security, debt relief and through various aid programs. Funds are raised during daily events hosted at their community space, House of Solidarity.

Lectures, screenings, shows and workshops are donated by community members, holding a strong focus on root causes of oppression and struggle, out of an understanding that radically caring for each other goes hand in hand with resisting the systems preserving poverty.

For further information and questions: spreadsforall@gmail.com