As one of our long-term collaborators and true partners in crime, Yonatan Popper has been with Gelada studio for around 10 years and keeps enriching it with his cartoon-like signature style that jumps right into the eye. No matter if bug people, space travel or cult movies- Popper’s colourful, high-contrast designs just always hit the spot. 

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Influenced by Art Nouveau, 13th century art, all-around symbolism and the ancient mysteries of forgotten civilizations, Eyal is bringing you a carefully curated selection of original prints and clothing, featuring the curves of plants, vases, women and animals alike. 

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Tel Aviv artist, illustrator and long term collaborator, Noa Goffer, invites you to take a stroll through the diverse animal and plant kingdom, crawling deep into a playful universe of brave turtles, snobbish penguins, curious monkeys and kind snakes. 

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An architect by day, an illustrator by night: Kiril Cherikover´s sharp eye captures the essence of Israeli towns, neighbourhoods and homes. Reducing them to minimalist, seemingly casual doodles, Kiril takes us to the view point of Mitzpe Ramon, to the xxx of Tel Aviv or the xxxx of Haifa.

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Our on-going design crush will steal you away to the get away of your dreams: From couples strolling through thick forests, trains rushing into nowhere and colourful trees whispering to each other - Cookiemoon's eye and hand never cease to enchant us with her world of quiet magic.

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Panda bears in space, monkeys practicing meditation or sting rays flying towards the sun - Osnat Feitelson’s joyful illustrations keep coming back to flora and fauna, just the way we love it. As one of the founders of Gelada, it was Osnat who steered the studio into its current aesthetic direction and even left her mark on all of the collections that followed. 

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