Danielle Weinberg (1985) is a designer, curator and lecturer who lives and works in Tel Aviv – Yafo. Since 2016 she has been running 'SORRY' – a fashion print and concept brand in black & white. Weinberg's design and illustration works are characterized by minimalistic geometric lines, they have a distinct visual style while referring to contemporary culture and nightlife.

Weinberg's clients include Google, Wix and YouTube. She took part in curating the Design Week in Jerusalem (2022), and curated the graduate exhibitions at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design (2021, 2022). She holds a bachelor's degree from Shenkar College of Design and a master's degree from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, and is currently a lecturer in the departments of visual communication at HIT and Shenkar College of Design.


Cookie Moon (1994) is an illustrator and designer who works in Tel Aviv – Yafo. She graduated with a BFA from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. . Her unique style of illustration has become known internationally due to the cinematic and pictorial scenes rigorously described in her work. While the illustrations depict with passion and movement the variety of characters and faces that live among us; Cookie Moon's images sometimes take place in vibrant urban spaces or designed interiors and other times in dreamy resorts. In her own unique language Cookie Moon describes sunsets, water, nature, architecture, and fashion.

Cookie Moon’s illustrations are already part of pop culture. Among her clients are: Dua Lipa, The New Yorker, Wall Street Journal, Stanford University, Oprah Magazine, British Airways, Condé Nast Traveler and many more.


Magnum Opus (1991) is the moniker of the artist, illustrator and designer Eyal Eliezer. His delicate and minimalist works intersect between modern graphic design and traditional art. They are adapted to many surfaces - from large-scale wall paintings, to prints on papers, bags, shirts, as well as  branding and product design. His work is defined in clean lines where every symbol or sign that appears, represents a mystical aspect from philosophical concepts of the ancient world. Spiritual expressions, mythological female figures, snakes and whispering animals, wild vegetation, amulets or hourglasses - all these are just an extract of the visual and intellectual richness of Magnum Opus' work.

Among the clients of Magnum Opus are Alejandro Jodorowsky, Beit Hana and more.


Noa Goffer (1985) is an artist and illustrator who skillfully creates organic environments consisting of animals, figures and objects. The seemingly naïve language of her drawings is made in a confident yet casual line.. Her works are based on narratives, influenced by board games, encyclopedic titles or flora publications and contain deep layers of ecological awareness. She works in multiple techniques that include colored pencils, pens, collage, paper cuts and more.

Goffer studied cinema at Tel Aviv University. She is known for her  Misfortines series of illustrated products depicting illustrated animals. Her client list includes Facebook, WeTransfer, Lemonade alongside clients from the world of music and culture. Noa Goffer often presents in exhibitions throughout Israel and her products are sold in boutique stores.


Yonatan Popper (1983) is an illustrator, animator and lecturer who works in Tel Aviv - Yafo. He is a master at using cultural icons and turning them into raw material in his work. Popper's illustrations are digital and are fed by American pop culture. His inspirations come from comic books to the White House and Donald Trump, from Hollywood films such as The Big Lebowski or Netflix blockbusters such as Breaking Bad, to Beaves and Butthead, nonsense characters associated with MTV of the nineties. The themes in his work relate to current events, they have sophisticated humor and sarcasm hovered over by a sharp criticism.

Popper is a busy editorial illustrator. He studied at the visual communication department in Shankar College of Design where he also teaches. He has worked with clients such as The New Yorker, The Guardian, Liberal Magazine, San Antonio Magazine, Tampa Bay Magazine, Texas Monthly, Seven Days, Maariv, Calcalist, Globes, Blazer and many others.


Osnat Feitelson (1985) is an illustrator who works in Tel Aviv - Yafo. In her illustrations, the world of flora and fauna is described in minimalistic graphic lines combined with intense color surfaces, and refers to or are made with the technique of screen printing. Whether it is a gallop of horses, a flight of a bird, a prank of monkeys, or a breeze on a tree – Feitelson's illustrations capture the movement of the world with great precision. She is influenced by travelogs, Jules Verne, and the cosmic outer space.

Feitelson studied figurative painting in the Jerusalem Studio School, Art History at the Hebrew University and completed a Bachelor's Degree in Illustration from Shankar College of Design. Among her clients are Microsoft, Penguin Publishing, The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History, Tel Aviv – Yafo Municipality, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel Railways, Haaretz Newspaper and more.


Kiril Cherikover (1985) is an architect, musician and illustrator.

"Domestic Tourism" is a collaboration between Cherikover and Gelada. In this series of illustrations, they transform architectural drawings into prints on paper or on t-shirts. While Using a delicate, thin and symmetrical line that characterizes Cherikover drawings, and alongside Russian typography, influences that merge Soviet culture, clubs and punk, “Domestic Tourism” traces the architectural patches of cities, houses and neighborhoods in Israel. The illustrations in "Domestic Tourism" depict the refineries in Haifa, the quarter-kilometer block in Be'er Sheva or the Kirya base in Tel Aviv. The journey goes beyond trivial tourist sites and suggests a sober and contemporary perspective on tourism and architecture in Israel.

Cherikover is a graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, he is a senior architect in Yashar Architects and one half of the musical duo ״Stinky Russians״.


Tom Melnick is an illustrator, designer and art director from Tel Aviv - Yafo.
She holds a bachelors degree from Shenkar College Of Design.
Her signature style of work is playful compositions full of colourful and playful objects and shapes travelling between realistic and abstract themes.

Gal Melnick (1988) is a multidisciplinary artist, a graduate of the Bezalel Department of Art, living and working in Tel Aviv.
Melnick works in a wide variety of media, including sculpture, installation, drawing and print. Melnick has had solo exhibition at Kav-16 Gallery in Tel Aviv, Her work has also been exhibited in various group exhibition and venues such as Museum of Bat Yam,
Alfred Gallery Tel-Aviv, Hansen House Jerusalem and Art galleries in Austria, Germany and The Czech Republic.

Dekel Hevroni is a designer and illustrator based in Tel Aviv - Yafo.
He works with local and cultural establishments on creating event posters
and album covers, using a unique printing technique
which gives his art a simple yet memorable feel.

Eden Kalif is an illustrator, tattoo artist and designer based in Tel Aviv - Yafo.
His work is inspired by various day-to-day situations that are inked on
the blank page, canvas or skin through simple yet sharp scenes, with few details. Kalif's line has a naive aesthetics and showcase his
pure love to children's drawings.