40.00 NIS
Lapel pin of an Octopus named: Vova
Animal pins are such a fun jewelry designed to upgrade any garment!
a special touch to your hat, enamel brooch for your denim jacket or whatever comes to mind!
This lapel pin arrives in an original unique match box designed especially for this cute octopus.
It's a great gift suitable for anyone at any age!

*Material: A soft enamel pin, made out of iron with a brass finish
*Measurements: 0.7 / 1.3 inch, 2 / 3.3 cm
*Colours: Green, Coral & light Pink. Black Plated

This Octopus pin is part of my nautical jewelry collection.
All of my cute pins are nature inspired, plants and animal pins.
Most have a name, or an imaginary story behind them