40.00 NIS
Enamel pin of pink boy who looks like a sausage. A sausage boy
A pink jewellery of a brooch designed to upgrade any garment!
Enamel pin is such an ageless original gift for your hat, denim jacket or whatever comes to mind!

A unique lapel pin of an imaginary pink boy who looks like a sausage, originally hand drawn by me.
This fun jewellery arrives in an original unique match box designed especially for this cute pin.
attached with a butterfly clutch on the back.
Great gift suitable for anyone at any age!

A soft enamel pin
made out of iron with a brass finish

1.25 / 0.7 inch
3.2 / 2 cm

Black finish and enamel colours
Two shades of pink. light and a darker with glitters (!)

Each of my pin collections have a name, or an imaginary story behind them
Which makes them unique and personal
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